Modern History

In a new Rocky comic I’m working on, the theme is about the rationale of calling art “modern”. It is one of the first comics that will hit a more serious note.

According to the cyclical universe model, time does not exist!

What level of pretension does it take call this age modern in regards to art?

Would Australopithecus call his brief time modern if he had the gift of speech? Why not? He could not even imagine his reality beyond the next horizon.

All of this material culture produced from monkey activity has taken past in the last 10,000-15,000yrs. A astronomically small portion of this planet’s 4.5 billions years. It’s comparable to a cup of water in a lake! This process started with primates making notches on sticks and bones, and so far.

Feeling nationalistic?

I do respect Pollock for overcoming a debilitating mental illness (but then again, he sort of died because of it), I cannot see his work as art.

I do not think that a man from another ethnic group would have been received in that time period, with the same enthusiasm had his skin been a different color. If a black guy had produced the same work in the 50’s he would have been laughed out of any gallery..

Is art dead? Or did it’s function move to the computer? In the 15th century artists would make portraits of royal families to present to possible suitors from other houses. Doesn’t Facebook do the same thing now.. -Representing a person and how they wish for others to see them.

Also, happy holidays

More to come…